about growing up

You graduate from college, and real life awaits. 

Real life, which includes take a bigger responsibility, standing on your own feet, and step out from your comfort zone. But also the infinite possibilities to explore. To teach you how to be a grown up. To teach you more about life and what is truly lies behind it. To be responsible to your society. It is not anymore about how good grades you get. It is more about take a decision and choose, how you really want to live your life. As for now, let me say goodbye to my university, place where I was being one of lucky people to experience such a great education and precious life lessons there. I promise I'll applied everything that I get from there, just like graduates' vow that I and others said in our graduation day.
Thank you :')

From now on, I will be standing on my own feet. 
Only close people I can hang on to. 
For me, this is absolutely the real world.
Scary, but exciting at the same time. Bismillah :)