thank you letter

Hey, how are you?
It's been so long since the last time I hear from you. I once tried to call you by sending a message but you didn't reply it. I thought maybe you've been busy or you didn't have any credit to reply it. Or maybe you decide to take a distant with me, since our last conversation didn't go very well. Then I don't have the courage to try to reach you once again, maybe I was afraid to lose my dignity in front of you. But whatever your reason, I understand it. That is not my reason to write this post. The reason why I'm writing this post is because now I feel like life is treating me very well and suddenly I remember our friendship back then.

I think you should know that now I realize that you're the first guy that appreciate me for being me. I wasn't appreciate myself back then, I felt unpretty, unattractive, far from smart or talented, a very ordinary person. For you notice, I can sum it up for you, I was valuing myself as pathetic person. Yes, I know, pathetic. Then you came into my life. We had this weird friendship I can't explain. You were always there, to be my sharing-partner, we often argue about things and philosophy. To be my-smile-maker with your jokes or some unimportant guessing-play. To be my mood-booster. To be my #1 supporter for respect myself as a good person. To be my friend.

You are a friend who never tired to kept telling me that I am more than what I think. You have the way to makes me believe that I am more. Sometimes, you put some compliment in our unimportant conversation that makes me smile. In the other times, you convince me how pretty, smart, and good person I am by listing my qualities from your viewpoint that I didn't notice before because I'm too busy criticize myself. You remind me to be gentle with myself. Then ever since, I am valuing myself more.

Now, I am studying in one of the prestigious university in this country. I have a lot of friends, some are very precious. I have a great boyfriend. I got (and still getting) many priceless experience in college. I think I have a great life. I realize that my life wouldn't be this great if I'm still the person who is valuing herself less. Thanks to you my friend, you don't know how much you have an influence in my life.  

Thank you, for being a really great friend.

Maybe it's time to you to valuing yourself more. Because you are. You are a very great man. A very good friend. A person with a very good heart. For you notice that you are  a damn-smart person. You are somebody. I hope you have a great life too. Untill we meet again, I hope you take care of yourself, be gentle to yourself. Because you are my friend, the precious one. I hope you read this post, because you deserve this thank you letter. In fact, for somebody like you, you deserve more.

Take care friend, wherever you are! :)

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