If I was asked to mention things that relate to me, lucky isn't one of them. 

But now, near the end of the year of 2010, I feel so lucky being me.
This year, I earned many things in life. I had the most upside-down  moments in my life.
There were moments when I felt depressed, I felt there was something wrong about my life, something was missing. Then I prayed, a lot.
God answered my prayer by gave me one opportunity to step out from my comfort zone. I was anxious that time, but I was thinking "Maybe this is it, the time to fix my life". Then I took that opportunity, and my life has changed. That opportunity bring another opportunity and another, and another...
I've got my upside moments ever since. I was successfully step out from my comfort zone to my learning zone. I found my passion, what I really want to do in my life: become a trainer. Now I'm not afraid about future anymore, I can imagine my future clearly. All I have to do now just work hard to pursue my dream.

But the best thing that I realize this year is about friends. This year, I experienced how enormous what can be done by great friends. I've been blessed. I'm the most lucky person in this world to have such friends like my friends. They are always there, both in good or bad moments in my life. They are my source of strength when I have to bounce back every time I fall.

SERIOUSLY, I AM LUCKY. I am so ready welcoming new year :D

"Feeling lucky is an expensive thing" 
-Astrid Wulandari Hutabarat, one of my great friend.

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