friends in the time of need

I should write this post 4 weeks ago after I met my high school mates and hang out with them, because I think I should thanked them.

The next day after that day I was going to face comprehension test of KAUP, one of the most stressful course in last semester. First time, when one of my high school mates called and asked me to hang out with them, I said no. I was thinking that I need to prepare for my comprehension test. But I feel so depressed about that test (also my routine-and–boring life in college) and I felt like I need to breath for a while. So 4 weeks ago, I tried to reduce my depression (and also as result of my impulsiveness) by hang out with them, even just for some hours. So I was there, met my 5 beautiful girls, and unexpectedly, I felt happy. Truly happy. It felt like I was out of my dark-and-twisty life for a while. I realized how much I miss to hang out with them (Well, it felt like a thousand year, we were too busy to hang out together), and talked about everything for hours, they are very fun persons to be with. Also, I always enjoy having them around, because they always makes me feel fun, feel alive, and most of all, they makes me feel beautiful, feel good about myself (I don’t know how it works though).

So thanks for my 5 beautiful girlfriends that day: Astrinda, Puri, Imelda, Sandra, and Sarah, you guys made my day! :)

P.S : Look at of our photos that day, I smiled happily, and it’s genuine (I just realized that before that day, I faked my smile most of the time).

4 komentar:

  1. mreka seperti obat kejenuhan kamu yah yank,, :)
    btw,selamat yank,Kaup kamu A- hueeeee..
    oia,blog kmu jd makin bagus yank,kerennn,hehe

  2. ahahhaa malu ih dikasitau nilainyaa hehe alhamdulilaaaaaaaaaahhh dapet bagus hehe.
    iya nih, ngehiasnya males2an padahal horeee jadi bagusan ya sekarang hehe.

  3. wah, ga ngajak2 pas ngumpul. hehehehe
    teman itu memang alat bantu nafas yang paling canggih. hehe

  4. ahahha gua cuma diajak, gatau ini juga siapa EOnya daaiii hihi. yes yes dai, dan bagi gue temen2 SMA tak terkalahkan deh ;)